2021 Palo Alto County Fair Results

Fair Queen:  Rachel Miner

4-H Clothing Events

Senior Clothing Selection
Champion - Katie Nelson
Reserve Champion - Maggie Nelson

Senior $15 Challenge
Champion - Rachel Miner
Reserve Champion - Katie Nelson

Junior $15 Challenge
Champion - Mya Burns
Reserve Champion - Josephine Joyce

Open Class Foods

Adult Division:
Champion:  Allison Miller, chocolate bundt cake
Best in Class:  Marilee Lace, crinkle molasses cookies
Best in Class:  Allison Miller, white dinner rolls

Youth Division:
Champion:  Olivia Lace, orange rolls
Reserve Champion: Ainsley Grimm, sea salt caramel cookies
Best in Class:  Olivia Lace, molasses cookies

Open Class Photography

Adult Division:
Champion:  Jamie Rouse
Reserve Champion:  Jamie Rouse
Best in Class:  Coleen Ruddy
Best in Class:  Coleen Ruddy
Honorable Mention:  Annette Girres

Challenge Class - Barns
1st Place:  Jamie Rouse
2nd Place:  Janice Morey

Challenge Class - Healthy Trees = A Healthy Community
1st Place:  Coleen Ruddy
2nd Place:  Janice Morey

Open Class Garden

Vegetables - Youth Division
Champion:  Lexi Brown
Reserve Champion:  Lexi Brown
Best in Class:  Lexi Brown
Honorable Mention:  Miles Rouse
Honorable Mention:  Lahnee Leuer

Vegetables - Adult Division
Champion:  Aaron Leuer
Reserve Champion:  Ray Brown

Flowers - Youth Division
Champion:  Olivia Lace
Reserve Champion:  Lexi Brown
Honorable Mention:  Lexi Brown

Flowers - Adult Division
Champion:  Coleen Ruddy
Reserve Champion:  Coleen Ruddy
Best in Class:  Jamie Rouse
Best in Class:  Angie Beem

4-H State Fair Exhibits
Child Development:
Grace Olesen
Clothing & Fashion/Sewing & Needle Art:
Kayla Welter*
Lily Straw
Maggie Nelson
Food & Nutrition:
Luke Hoffman**
Lily Straw
Cassity Welter
Home Improvement
Sheila Reding*
Claire Gerber
Tyra Schupbach
Visual Arts:
Claire Kassel*
Aliza Woodford
Laney Montag*
Maggie Nelson
Olivia Lace
Science, Engineering & Technology
Katie Nelson
Logan Studer
Ag & Natural Resources:
Leah Hoffman*
Rachel Miner
Personal Development:
Rachel Miner*
Lexi Welter

* Outstanding Exhibit Awards
** Overall Outstanding Exhibit

4-H State Fair Alternates
Clothing & Fashion/Sewing & Needle Arts
Tyra Schupbach
Maggie Nelson
Maddie Fehr
Food & Nutrition:
Kayla Welter
Home Improvement:
Ellie Gerber
Ellie Gerber
Sheila Reding
Visual Arts:
Claire Kassel
Paula Licht
Aliza Woodford
Olivia Lace
Aliza Woodford
Science, Engineering & Technology:
Thad Banwart
Tyra Schupbach

Ag & Natural Resources:
Rachel Miner
Sheila Reding
Personal Development:
Kayla Welter
Tyra Schupbach

4-H Junior Recognition
Visual Arts:
Lena Fehr
Colton Haack
Addaley Girres
Sheila Reding
Tate Jensen
Home Improvement:
Addie Banwart
Addie Banwart
Addie Banwart
Food & Nutrition:

Austin Gerber
Morgan Miller
Morgan Miller
Addaley Girres
Clothing & Fashion:
Rory Elbert
Katie Chapman
Sewing & Needle Arts:
Lily Straw
Ag & Natural Resources:
Anna Joyce
Josephine Joyce
Drake Mehan
Addie Banwart
Food Challenge Class:
Morgan Miller

4-H Flowers & Vegetables:
Champion Vegetable:  Abi Schmidt*
Res Champ Vegetable:  Abi Schmidt
Champion Vegetable Basket:  Olivia Lace*
Champion Flower:  Aliza Woodford*
Res Champ Flower:  Olivia Lace
Junior Recognition Vegetables:
Julia Swift
Austin Gerber
Lena Fehr
Junior Recognition Flowers:
Ellie Gerber
Best in Class Vegetables:
Int/Senior Herb:  Aliza Woodford
Int/Senior Other Vegetable:  Abi Schmidt
Junior Other Vegetable:  Julia Swift
Best in Class Flowers:
Int/Senior:  Rachel Miner
Junior:  Julia Swift

* Outstanding Exhibit Awards

4-H Challenge Class - Clover Sugar Cookies:
Champion:  Rory Elbert
Res Champ:  Mackenzie Hoffman

4-H Bucket of Junk Contest Winner:
Rory Elbert 

4-H George of The Jungle Bucket Winners:
Addison Hansen
Brooklyn Hansen
Ross Fehr
Madisen Fay
Rachel Miner

4-H Share the Fun:
State Fair:
Rachel Miner
Aliza Woodford
Olivia Moen
Clay County Fair:
Lauren Rouse

4-H Educational Presentations:
Champion/State Fair:  Rachel Miner
Res Champ/State Fair:  Audrey Garrelts
Clay County Fair:  Olivia Lace
Clay County Fair Alternate:  Ava Leth

Coloring Contest Winners:
4 & Under:
1st:  Roman Eisenbacher
2nd:  Mary Swift
3rd:  Harvey Reedy
5 & 6:
Kennedy Martini
Isaac Rouse
Stella Gerber
7 & 8:
Brittany Fehr
Larissa Knapp
Winston Reedy
9 & 10:
Ainsley Grimm
Lena Fehr
Thaddeous Wentzel
11 & up:
Morgan Grimm
Sheila Reding
Kylie Hoffman

Arm Wrestling:
1st Place:  Jacob Oliver
2nd Place:  Tyler Stokes
3rd Place:  Dawson Knobloch

Pedal Pull:
4 & under:
1st Place:  Felix Dahl
2nd Place:  Lucas Waechter
3rd Place:  Sawyer Williamson
5 year olds:
1st Place:  Rory Williamson
2nd Place:  Vivienne Olesen
3rd Place:  Braxton Hurley
6 year olds:
1st Place:  Grant Hough
2nd Place:  Ben Miller
3rd Place:  Isaac Rouse
7 year olds:  None
8 year olds:
1st Place:  Cole Hough
2nd Place:  Julia Olson
3rd Place:  Madi Williamson
9 year olds:
1st Place:  Landon Twaiten
2nd Place:  Grace Butz
3rd Place:  Miles Rouse
10 year olds:
1st Place:  Lauryn Hough
2nd Place:  Morgan Miller
3rd Place:  Ben Garrelts
11 year olds:
1st Place:  Kamryn Hough
2nd Place:  Isaiah Gomez
3rd Place:  Lauren Rouse
12 year olds:
1st Place:  Scarlett Olson
2nd Place:  Sheila Reding
3rd Place:  Liberty Cordeman
Powder Puff
1st Place:  Melissa Haukap
2nd Place:  Alli Miller
3rd Place:  Aaliyah Scott










Livestock Results

Dog Show
Intro Class:
Champion:  Macy VanWyze & Zeus
Reserve Champion:  Eva Fridolfson & Fiona
Beginners Novice A:
Champion:  Lily Straw & Lucky
Beginners Novice B:
Champion:  Noah Thorsbakken & Oliver
Reserve Champion:  Olivia Lace & Mossberg

Champion: Savannah Faulkner & Wilbur
Reserve Champion: Olivia Lace & Mossberg
Champion:  Macy VanWyhe & Zeus
Reserve Champion:  Eva Fridolfson & Fiona
Champion:  Lily Straw & Lucky

Champion Large Dog:  Lily Straw & Lucky
Reserve Champion Large Dog:  Noah Thorsbakken & Oliver
Champion Small Dog:  Macy VanWyhe & Zeus
Reserve Champion Small Dog:  Savannah Faulkner & Wilbur

Poultry Show
Champion Commercial Poultry - Pen of 2:  Madisen Fay
Reserve Champion Large Fowl:  Madisen Fay
Champion Bantam:  Rachel Miner
Reserve Champion  Bantam:  Rachel Miner
Champion Duck/Goose:  Ally Rouse
Reserve Champion Duck/Goose:  Makayla Rouse
Best In Show:
Grand Champion Poultry Exhibit:  Rachel Miner
Reserve Grand Champion Poultry:  Rachel Miner

Senior Champion:  Madisen Fay
Intermediate Champion:  Braxton Dahlhauser
Junior Champion:  Drake Mehan

Swine Show
Champion Lightweight Barrow:  Mitch Stevens
Res Champ Lightweight Barrow:  Jordan Anderson
Champion Mediumweight Barrow:  Laney Montag
Champion Heavyweight Barrow:  Riley Elbert
Res Champ Heavyweight Barrow:  Josephine Joyce
Champion Lightweight Gilt:  Tate Jensen
Res Champ Lightweight Gilt:  Mitch Stevens
Champion Mediumweight Gilt:  Jordan Anderson
Res Champ Mediumweight Gilt:  Tate Jensen
Champion Heavyweight Gilt:  Josephine Joyce
Champion Barrow:  Mitch Stevens
Res Champ Barrow:  Jordan Anderson
Champion Gilt:  Jordan Anderson
Res Champ Gilt:  Tate Jensen
Champion Pen of 3:  Jordan Anderson
Res Champ Pen of 3:  Josephine Joyce
Champion Breeding Gilt:  Mitch Stevens
Res Champ Breeding Gilt:  Jordan Anderson
Supreme Champion Market Hog:  Mitch Stevens - barrow
Res Supreme Champion Market Hog:  Jordan Anderson - gilt

Senior Champion:  Mitch Stevens
Senior Res Champ:  Jordan Anderson
Intermediate Champion:  Aden Montag
Junior Champion:  Shay Montag
Junior Res Champ:  Tate Jensen

Sheep Show:
Champion Light Weight Lamb:  Zoey Higgins
Res Champ Light Weight Lamb:  Zoey Higgins
Champion Medium Weight Lamb:  Gracie Marcellus
Res Champ Medium Weight Lamb:  Addaley Girres
Champion Heavy Weight Lamb:  Addaley Girres
Res Champ Heavy Weight Lamb:  Gracie Marcellus
Champion Market Lamb:  Addaley Girres
Res Champion Market Lamb:  Gracie Marcellus
Champion Market Pen:  Macy Higgins
Res Champ Market Pen:  Zoey Higgins
Champion Breeding Ewe:  Gracie Marcellus
Res Champ Breeding Ewe:  Addaley Girres
Champion Rate of Gain:  Logan Studer
Res Champ Rate of Gain: (tie) Macy Higgins & Zoey Higgins

Senior Champion:  Logan Studer
Intermediate Champion:  Gracie Marcellus
Intermediate Res Champ:  Zoey Higgins
Junior Champion:  Addaley Girres
Junior Res Champ:  Trent Morey

Meat Goat Show:
Champion Heavy Weight Market Goat:  Jadyn Joyce
Res Champ Heavy Weight Market Goat:  Paula Licht
Champion Medium Weight Market Goat:  Paula Licht
Res Champ Medium Weight Market Goat:  Drake Mehan
Champion Light Weight Market Goat:  Addison Hansen
Res Champ Light Weight Market Goat:  Dawson Knobloch
Champion Market Meat Goat:  Jadyn Joyce
Res Champ Market Meat Goat:  Paula Licht
Champion Jr Breeding Doe:  Jadyn Joyce
Res Champ Jr Breeding Doe:  Jadyn Joyce
Champion Int Breeding Doe:  Drake Mehan
Res Champ Int Breeding Doe:  Isaiah Warnke
Champion Sr Breeding Doe:  Addison Hanson
Res Champ Sr Breeding Doe:  Drake Mehan
Champion Breeding Doe:  Jadyn Joyce
Res Champ Breeding Doe:  Jadyn Joyce
Rate of Gain Champion:  Paula Licht
Rate of Gain Res Champ:  Morgan Miller

Senior Champion:  Dawson Knobloch
Senior Res Champ:  Andrew Hohensee
Intermediate Champion:  Jadyn Joyce
Intermediate Res Champ:  Paula Licht
Junior Champion:  Addison Hansen
Junior Res Champion:  Drake Mehan

Bucket/Bottle Calf Show:
Champion:  Ben Garrelts

Bucket/Bottle Lamb Show:
Champion:  Macy VanWyhe

Rabbit Show:
Champion Commercial Meat Pen:  Nathan Adams
Champion Commercial Doe:  Nathan Adams
Champion Commercial Buck:  Nathan Adams
Res Champ Commercial Buck:  Nathan Adams
Champion Doe & Litter:  Nathan Adams
Champion Fancy Doe:  Liberty Corderman
Res Champ Fancy Doe:  Luke Hoffman
Champion Fancy Buck:  Luke Hoffman
Res Champ Fancy Buck:  Leah Hoffman
Overall Champion Commercial Rabbit:  Nathan Adams
Overall Res Champ Commercial Rabbit:  Nathan Adams
Overall Champion Fancy Rabbit:  Luke Hoffman
Overall Res Champ Fancy Rabbit:  Liberty Cordeman

Senior Champion:  Nathan Adams
Senior Res Champ:  Luke Hoffman
Intermediate Champ:  Leah Hoffman
Junior Champion:  Liberty Cordeman

Beef Show:
Champion Feeder Pen:  Katie Nelson
Res Champ Feeder Pen:  Matt Berkland
Div 1 Champ Breeding Heifer:  Noah Gerber
Div 1 Res Champ Breeding Heifer:  Olivia Moen
Div 2 Champ Breeding Heifer:  Mitch Stevens
Div 2 Res Champ Breeding Heifer:  Adrianna Krieger
Champion Breeding Heifer:  Mitch Stevens
Res Champ Breeding Heifer:  Adrianna Krieger
County Raised Breeding Heifer Champ:  Noah Gerber
Champion Cow/Calf:  Jaxon Zaugg
Overall Champion Breeding Beef Female:  Mitch Stevens
Overall Res Champ Breeding Beef Female:  Adrianna Krieger
Champion Market Heifer:  Carson Schneider
Res Champ Market Heifer:  J.C. Moen
Div 1 Champ Market Steer:  Mitch Stevens
Div 1 Res Champ Market Steer:  Mackenzie Hoffman
Div 2 Champ Market Steer:  Gracie Marcellus
Div 2 Res Champ Market Steer:  Josi Reiman
Overall Grand Champion Market Beef:  Mitch Stevens
Overall Res Grand Champ Market Beef:  Carson Schneider
Champion County Raised Calf:  Carson Schneider
Res Champ County Raised Calf:  Mackenzie Hoffman
Rate of Gain Champion:  Grace Olesen
Rate of Gain Res Champ:  Josi Reiman

Senior Champion:  Josi Reiman
Senior Res Champ:  Adrianna Krieger
Intermediate Champion:  Leah Hoffman
Intermediate Res Champ:  Gracie Marcellus
Junior Champion:  Anya Joyce
Junior Res Champ:  Josephine Joyce

Horse Show:
Overall Champion Horse at Halter:  Leah Hoffman
Overall Res Champ Horse at Halter:  Abby Gehrt
Western Pleasure Walk/Trot:
Beginner Horse or Rider 1st:  Keely Sikora
Junior 1st:  Josie VanWyhe
Ranch Horse Pleasure:
Senior Division 1st:  Leah Hoffman
Junior Division 1st:  Josephine Joyce
Western Horsemanship:
Senior Division 1st:  Leah Hoffman
Senior Division 1st:  Leah Hoffman
Junior Division 1st:  Liberty Corderman
Bareback Walk/Trot 1st:  Liberty Corderman
Ride-a-Buck 1st:  Liberty Corderman
Egg Race:
Senior Division 1st:  Abby Gehrt
Junior Division 1st:  Liberty Corderman
Barrel Racing:
Senior Division 1st:  Abby Gehrt
Junior Division 1st:  Liberty Corderman
Flag Race:
Senior Division 1st:  Leah Hoffman
Junior Division 1st:  Josephine Joyce
2-Man Bi-rangle:
Senior Division 1st:  Abby Gehrt
Junior Division 1st:  Liberty Corderman
Pole Bending:
Senior Division 1st:  Abby Gehrt
Junior Division 1st:  Liberty Corderman
Keyhole Race:
Senior Division 1st:  Leah Hoffman
Junior Division 1st:  Liberty Corderman
Rat Race:
Junior Division 1st:  Liberty Corderman
Canadian Flags 1st:  Liberty Corderman

Showmanship at Halter:
Senior Champion:  Abby Gehrt
Intermediate Champion:  Leah Hoffman
Junior Champion:  Josie Van Wyhe
Junior Res Champ:  Rylee Jergens